Darii Konjowa -Ethiopian (12 oz)

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Lalisaa is a term that is used to describe something that is growing and flourishing, something we believe our producing partners can become. The program acknowledges the obstacles that small coffee producers face. When entering into an otoriously volatile market with financial and capacity restraints, they can be forced into actions that turn a profit but hinder coffee quality and its value chain.
To address this problem, the Lalisaa Program forms partnerships with producers making agreements for the purchase of their coffee, above that of national prices set in the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. With this, we all eviate much of the uncertainty and stresses of the coffee market
freeing partners from having to make hasty rash decisions. From here, we work directly with partner producers and their out-growers to organize, train and provide technical assistance at
every stage of coffee production. We are providing trainings on
everything from proper harvesting, quality control and traceability
protocol to agronomy,and so much more.