Finca La Camotera (ESPRESSO)

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Your coffee is waiting for you at your neighborhood Well Coffeehouse as we welcome the return of our direct trade single origin coffee from Honduras, Finca la Camotera. This is the third year we are sharing this specially selected microlot from the Santa Rosa de Copan region, known as Honduras's "Capital of Good Coffee." 

This coffee is the craft of our friend and farmer Edi Naaman Sarmiento. Edi is the third generation owner of this coffee farm and is owner to one of the first speciality cafes in the region. This year's crops uniqueness is displayed in two distinct roast profiles for you to enjoy:
--Espresso Roast: We have roasted this coffee to bring out the unique flavors of Orange, Chocolate and Cherry. Enjoy it as a doppio with a piece of dark chocolate or in your favorite espresso beverage