Yama Coffee Drip Pot

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  • Hand blown premium glass is crafted with borosilicate glass that is thicker, stronger, and non-porous. Glass does not absorb odors or chemicals -- ensuring each pour over brew is as fresh and pure as intended.
  • Reusable filter is double walled with mesh filter that unlocks essential coffee oils through the brew cycle resulting in a full flavored brew
  • Versatile design for coffees & teas perfect for brewing up exactly what you need
  • Pour over coffee maker unlocks your offee potential with simple, easy to use design that delivers the perfect cup of Coffee every time.
  • Guaranteed quality by Yama a responsible and green manufacturer that exudes beauty and unmatched craftsmanship.
  • Makes up to 6 cups in large 30 oz capacity carafe (5 oz servings) perfect for family or office use